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As an affordable web design company serving Wolverhampton and the West Midlands. We increase brand recognition, revenue and conversions. In addition our web designers will do this by creating a website that truly represents what your company does, what you specialise in, and the benefits of partnering with you. Most importantly, our web designers always mirror your company’s ethos and showcase both your competence and credibility. As a result of focusing on both commercial success and user experience. We produce impactful results, where every website looks modern, professional and mobile optimised.


As part of all web design projects, we include SEO to help get your newly created, professional website ranking on Google and other search engines. Secondly, our SEO services are designed to comply with search engine guidelines and provide complete transparency to our customers. At our agency, we always recommend SEO that is long-term and content-driven. So check out our SEO monthly packages to help get your site to the top of Google. With your new website, you will be able to optimise pages easily using the built-in SEO tools. In addition, Google Analytics will be installed to help you monitor and review the website traffic and make improvements if necessary.

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They listened to our brief and delivered it perfectly. Truly blown away by the service - If you're looking for a top-notch website developer, look no further!

Sean Toomey

New Home Surveying

I needed a revamp of my website and some minor back-end changes. They were extremely helpful, offering excellent communication and customer service. 

Lauren McCredie


Designed our website from scratch for a new product, extremely helpful and professional. The website is beyond what we hoped for, very user friendly. We would absolutely use them again! 🙂

Michelle Dobbins


Discovery phase
Firstly, in this phase, we look at your business and customers' requirements using a variety of analysis methods. Using Google Analytics, we will analyse your previous site's performance. Looking at user flow, pages where users 'drop off', average view time and bounce rate.
Creative design
Secondly, our goal in this phase is to establish a visual ‘look and feel’ for the website. In addition we ensure it's appeal to different types of audiences as they go about their online journey. Brand guidelines are applied to the user interface (UI) and more realistic content, fonts, image sizes, and button styles are created.
Content creation
Depending on the client's needs, we either create new copy or optimise the existing copy. There is a collaborative effort between the client, writer, and developer to ensure that the content supports the design. We also aim to set a tone that is not only consistent with the brand and communication objectives but comes SEO optimised.
Website development
During this stage, our developers are in their element; building, writing fresh code and testing the site to make sure it's fast and slick. As part of all our packages, we make the website tailored to your company's needs, responsive, speed optimised and SEO optimised.
user testing
Finally, as part of this service, we make sure that the website functions properly across all devices. For instance; desktops, tablets, smartphone devices (iOS and Android), and all browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Firefox.

Our innovative design services

Our agency delivers websites that excite and engage online audiences of all sizes and demographics. We take the time to understand our clients' needs and build a bespoke website tailored specifically for them instead of using generic templates. As a result, this helps generate leads and boost your online presence. Besides 3D, videos, controllable images, and compelling and creative copy, we also have a seamless purchase experience to make your experience with Wolverhampton.

Every website project comes with a responsive design. This means that all designs are optimised to fit any screen size. We conduct internal testing on desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms following the completion of the development process. During testing, we remove any barriers between you and your customers in order to prevent user frustration.

Businesses use websites for many purposes, including showcasing their business. However, a website that encourages additional actions like bookings, ordering e-Commerce products or even using a quote builder can enhance your business and stand out more online.

Sometimes, WordPress websites don’t provide enough unique features needed for a fully bespoke design. Our experienced team of HTML and CSS developers can turn any feature into a reality. This will allow your company’s branding to shine through while creating a unique user experience for your visitors.

We highly recommend our content writing service as it is bespoke, unique, and tailored for you. Writing engaging content that captures the audience in different styles such as blog articles and web copy is something our professional writers excel at. In order to help turn your site visitors into paying users, our team will collaborate with you to understand your tone of voice, your message, and your content objectives.

Our in-house designers are experienced in creating effective brands that serve a purpose in your sector, based on results-driven research to provide a strong identity. By leveraging the latest technologies & trends, our development and design teams work together to create attractive, affordable, user-friendly websites. These sites provide great user experiences and drive results. Finally, our design work and custom coding will be yours and not be part of a license agreement.

Our Services

Why worcester web dev?


Our web design agency uses WordPress as our content management system. We use WordPress as it supports simple website design systems as well as complex, integrated e-commerce systems. In addition to extensive WordPress development and programming services. We offer tailored solutions to better meet your specific requirements. As a result of high-quality coding and semantic markup, WordPress is also favoured by Google and other search engines.


Our eCommerce design work is always developed in house by our businesses web designer. We will always create a storefront that will meet all expectations. The development process of E-commerce sites may feel complicated due to so many incredible features to choose from. However, don’t worry our web designers will be able to advise you on the best features and designs to use to suit your businesses individual requirements.

UI & UX design

Our creative design services always follow a strict design process for all new website projects. All websites are designed with your digital marketing in mind. As a result, we will always make sure your web design is in keeping with your media and marketing efforts.

Hosting & support

Our Wolverhampton web hosting provides efficient support for a small monthly price, where we provide clients with constant updates including performance improvements, bug fixes and design updates. Our monthly maintenance service also includes updates to WordPress’ core content and management system made regularly, as well as daily backups and 247 monitoring.

Web speed optimisation

Our Wolverhampton web design agency makes sure every website is fully optimised for site speed. We make sure that all clients websites come fully optimised. Most importantly, 47% of consumers want web pages to load within two seconds, where if a website doesn’t load in less than 3 seconds, 40% of users will abandon it.

Why Wolverhampton?

Our Web design and SEO agency provide services to businesses throughout Wolverhampton and its surrounding area, a city and metropolitan borough, located in the West Midlands.

We love working with Wolverhampton based businesses of all industries and sizes, no matter your goals our passionate team of developers will do whatever it takes to help your business succeed.

So if you’re a business owner or you’re thinking of starting a company in the Wolverhampton area, don’t hesitate to reach out and take the first step to establish your online presence.

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