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For brands and businesses across the Cannock area and Staffordshire. We create exceptional websites that increase revenue, conversions, leads and visibility. As a result of combining a focus on commercial success with design and user experience, we deliver outstanding results and impact.


Our expert web designers build all websites that follow a simple structure and use concise code for easier Google indexing. This, paired with highly optimised content, allows you to optimise all aspects of a webpage. As a result, we help drive high-quality traffic from Google and other search engines through to your website helping your company generate more business.

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They listened to our brief and delivered it perfectly. Truly blown away by the service - If you're looking for a top-notch website developer, look no further!

Sean Toomey

New Home Surveying

I needed a revamp of my website and some minor back-end changes. They were extremely helpful, offering excellent communication and customer service. 

Lauren McCredie


Designed our website from scratch for a new product, extremely helpful and professional. The website is beyond what we hoped for, very user friendly. We would absolutely use them again! 🙂

Michelle Dobbins


Discovery phase
Firstly, this phase aims to understand the needs of your business and your customers by using various analysis methods. In addition, with Google Analytics, we will analyse your previous site's performance. Monitoring how users move around the site and where they dropped off. Finally, we monitor the average time spent on your site to help optimise your businesses new website.
Creative design
Secondly, our goal throughout this phase is to establish a visual design and ensure the appeal of the website to a wide variety of audiences throughout their online experience. Furthermore, to make the user interface (UI) more appealing, business brand guidelines are applied to the fonts, image sizes, and button styles.
Content creation
Thirdly, as required by the client, our local copywriters either create new copy or optimise the existing copy. Most importantly, collaboration is key between the client, writer, and developer to ensure the content aligns with the design and provides SEO optimisation as well.
Website development
Moreover, in this stage our developers are at their best, writing code, developing the site. While testing it for speed and efficiency. Futhermore, our packages include creating a bespoke website tailored to the needs of your business and optimisation for speed, SEO, and responsiveness for tablet and mobile to help boost your online presence.
user testing
Finally, to ensure the website functions well across the full range of devices. We most importantly test it on multiple platforms, including desktops, tablets, smartphones (including iOS and Android), and all browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Firefox.

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Our websites are designed and built in house by our local design team. As a result, we know every detail meets our high expectations. Moreover, by having a professionally designed website, our clients are able to emphasise their businesses branding and increase their success! As a full-service creative web design agency, Cannock Web Dev specialises in digital graphics, programming and SEO.


Our design and development process means that all our client’s websites are mobile-friendly and work across all browsers. Mobile devices are becoming the norm for viewing websites as technology advances. Hence, designing and developing a product needs to have true responsiveness to all technology.

The purpose of a website for many clients goes beyond showcasing their business. For instance, there are many companies that need to be able to drive sales to an eCommerce store, allow site users to make purchases, book appointments, or even use an on-site quote builder. As a result, your site becomes even more valuable to your business and makes you stand out more online.

WordPress web design doesn’t always meet the programming requirements of all clients, and many need custom code to do so. However, we have a team of experienced HTML, CSS and Java developers who can bring your idea to life. Therefore, no feature is too difficult for our team to incorporate, allowing your company website to stand out among the crowd.

To attract potential clients, your website copy must be attention-grabbing. Most importantly your message must keep them interested, make them want what you’re offering, and motivate them to act. As a result, Cannock Web Dev writes effective web copy that gets results. A persuasive website copy communicates an effective message. The message appeals to a specific group of customers and has the power to influence. In conclusion, your local business will benefit greatly from this investment. Get in touch to learn more about our copywriting services.

We cater for all website design requirements. From large multi-page service sites or eCommerce websites to simple, three-page designs. We provide a solution for every company regardless of budget.

Our Services

WWD additional services


WordPress is our preferred web design content management system. For instance, it supports simple website design up to complex, integrated professional e-commerce systems. In conclusion, by providing extensive bespoke WordPress development and programming services, we tailor our solutions to meet your requirements and maximise your return on investment.


ECommerce websites require more functionality than a brief brochure site. For example, the ability to create accounts, wish lists, and of course, to sell on your online store. Additionally, you might want features such as multiple delivery options, trade and consumer pricing, or the ability to customise products. In conclusion, our expert eCommerce website design company are experienced with a range of eCommerce platforms, such as WooCommerce

UI & UX design

Our Cannock design team will follow a strict process for all new design projects. For instance, with a simple prototype, short-term support or a complete website or app design. In short, our expert team can help deliver a first-rate digital experience to your users to a professional standard.

Hosting & support

We can provide hosting and support for our delivered websites. Moreover, our competitively-priced hosting services make it possible to create scalable and cost-effective IT solutions without needing to worry about maintaining the underlying infrastructure. Your platform can be seamlessly expanded to meet any new requirements if your operation scales, or if you intend to expand. Most importantly, our helpful support team can answer any of your queries.

Web Speed Optimisation

Our highly recommended design agency makes all websites fast while offering seamless browsing experiences. As a result of our high-performance servers and exceptional coding practices. Page speed is so important to us. As, on average, 70% of users abandon an e-commerce website after waiting more than three seconds for it to load.

Why Cannock?

Our Web design and SEO agency provide services to businesses throughout Cannock and its surrounding area, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty located north of the West Midlands conurbation.

We love working with Cannock based businesses of all industries and sizes, no matter your goals our passionate team of developers will do whatever it takes to help your business succeed.

So if you're a business owner or you're thinking of starting a company in the Cannock area, don't hesitate to reach out and take the first step to establish your online presence.

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Do you provide any other marketing services?

Yes! Despite only specialising in website design and SEO services. Our web design Cannock agency has built some great long-standing partnerships with experts. For example, in digital marketing, photography, media, graphic design and social media management. All of our midlands marketing services are geared toward increasing sales and lead generation. This includes almost anything web, print, or screen-based. 

What happens to the copyright of my site if I move to another agency?

The code remains yours and is always open and accessible to you. As a result, you’ll be able to access everything and change whatever you want (or ask us to do it via our maintenance plan). The reason we do this is to be as open and accessible as possible with the sites we build. We don’t think we should then lock you out of editing and managing 100% of your new site.

What's your preferred content management system?

All of our client’s websites are built on WordPress. Using WordPress, we can quickly create a responsive web design, making client updates easier. Furthermore, search engines love WordPress because it adheres to standards and boasts well-structured code.

Do you just work in Cannock or the West Midlands?

No! We provide web design and search engine optimisation across the UK. So if you’re a UK based business, get in touch now for a free quote. However, our digital marketing, media and print services are only Cannock and Midlands based.