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Social Media management

Social media marketing should never be an after thought or separate from your other marketing campaigns. If done right, social media marketing can deliver exceptional results regardless of your marketing objectives. Our approach isn’t to deliver tons of content or focus on driving engagement that looks good numerically but adds nothing to your ROI. We design and build strategies that support your overall marketing goal and gives your brand the opportunity to shape the conversation your customers are having about your business. This means working closely with you to understand your social landscape to find the channels that add value to your business objectives. If a platform isn’t right, we won’t shoehorn them into a strategy that gives you presence but little else. 

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Consistently innovative and creative

All our campaigns harvest your brand voice and closely integrates with your marketing efforts such as PPC advertising, lead generation and email marketing. This unifies your message, giving your brand a consistent tone while adaptive in the long run. As social media marketing becomes more and more integral to how businesses fulfil every touchpoint in the user journey, let us ensure every interaction your customer has improves their experience. 

Our social media process:

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Audit & Objectives
Our social media strategies are all tailored to your specific business goals as well as generating a positive return on investment. Therefore, we like to work closely with our clients to get a deep understanding of both short-term and long-term goals. Once this is complete, we will go through an analysis of all your social media channels and identify what works and areas we can improve on. This process becomes the foundations for a well-rounded, targeted social strategy.
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Competitor Analysis
In order to ensure your brand message will be effective and that our strategy exceeds the strengths of your top competitors, we analyse your top three competitors. Our team will use the information gathered to advise you on how we can take your brand forward with our bespoke strategy.
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Identify Personas
As different demographics and ages all desire different content, knowing who your ideal client is is a vital part of your social media strategy. We’ll work closely with you to understand their characteristics and how they interact online if you don’t already know them.
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Here is where the fun work starts. We now start to implement everything we have learnt from the previous stages. You will still have access to your social media accounts, we will just post on your behalf.
Social media optimisation
During this phase, we track and monitor customer experiences, expectations and comments. We then use this data to tweak our strategy and capitalise on this free feedback. This means your business can nimbly react to customer behaviour in a quick and affordable manner.
Social media reporting
We send you a monthly report that runs over some of the most important metrics associated with your business goals. As social media is constantly evolving, we also include any trends that may affect your campaign. We then provide you with a dedicated account manager who will answer any questions you might have.


Find out how our innovative social campaigns can help your business grow nationally or internationally, by boosting your brand awareness and your bottom line. 

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