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Seo should be at the heart of your wider digital marketing campaign. Google is the first step for many potential customers when researching a product or service. So having your website at the top can increase the clickthrough rate by 37%.

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SEO Benefits

High quality traffic

The beauty of SEO is that it targets quality traffic for your product or service. Unlike traditional outbound advertising, which involves reaching out to consumers whether they want to hear from you or not; inbound methods such as SEO only target people who are already interested in your products or services.

Better than ads

70% of marketers see SEO as more effective than paid advertising. Not to mention the significant cost that comes with paid ads, it costs to run the ads, and it costs to have a professional make them. Furthermore, ads are only up for as long as you run them whereas, SEO is cheaper and permanent, providing high quality leads indefinitely.

Outrank the competition

SEO provides a unique opportunity to beat out your competitors in a way that matters, and it might be the competitive edge your business is looking for. The first five search results on Google receive 67.6% of all clicks, and the number one result receives 31.7%; this means that you only need to be a few places ahead of your competitors to see significantly more clicks and traffic.

Why choose WWD?

At Worcester Web Dev we put our clients first; unlike other companies that avoid communication or worse still, produce a small amount of work and then vanish, we offer 24/7 communication and support. All our SEO clients will receive monthly reports on the progress of their project as well as the strategy going forwards. We believe customer satisfaction is paramount to the success of our business and it’s something we’ll never compromise. We always ensure that we meet every deadline that’s set and strive to exceed our client’s expectations; at the end of the day you want results and we want to provide them, in the hope that we’ll be one of the best decisions your business has made.

What is your SEO process?
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Worcester Web Dev's SEO Audit

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For WWD, our bespoke SEO audit is the first step in our SEO process. We use the audit as a roadmap for how we will achieve your SEO goals and targets. It also helps reveal any problems that we can address.

Analysis and market research

Market research is an effective way for us to keep on top of SEO ▼

Here we analyse your current site, as well as your competitors to gauge the priority changes that need to be made, and to establish what needs to be done to hit your goals. Secondly, we will use our keyword software as well as industry analysis to work out which relevant keywords receive the most searches, allowing us to determine what to rank for as well as which words to prioritise.

On and off page Optimisation

Both are crucial to the success of an SEO campaign ▼

These are the first real changes to your website, this involves structural adjustments, implementing Title tags and Meta tags, adding Alt tags to all images and optimising H1 headers.

Link building and backlink implementation

links remain one of the top three most important ranking factors ▼

Link building is a vital part of SEO, it involves building high-quality backlinks to your site that help build domain authority which in turn improves traffic and boosts your ranking.

Review and report

An SEO report helps to demonstrate the progress that a campaign is making ▼

Finally, we will review the optimisations we have made and the resulting rank changes to see what we can do differently or how we can adjust going forward. Furthermore, detailed reports of progress and changes will be issued on a monthly basis to all our SEO clients so you stay up to date.

Frequently asked questions


Why Is SEO Important?

SEO is one of the fastest-growing and most popular forms of improving sales online, compared to other methods such as paid ads and social media, SEO is affordable and allows you to directly target your desired audience. SEO increases visibility, drastically improving your sites reach and customer engagement, furthermore, outranking your competition helps boost the validity and reputation of your business, giving your business a competitive edge. The bottom line is that the better your SEO, the more traffic your site and business will receive; considering SEO leads have an average close rate of 14.6%, every search engine position you gain means more clicks, more sales and more money for your company.

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What are you prices?

At Worcester Web Dev our prices vary depending on the size of the project, this includes the size of the website and the number of changes required, as well as the difficulty to rank for their specific keywords. Some keywords will be significantly harder to rank for than others and some locations will be significantly harder to rank for, such as the difference between ranking nationally compared to ranking in a town or small city. However, no matter the size of the project we see our price as an investment for any business, an investment that will produce revenue for years.

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