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It's All About The ROI.

We understand that our clients come to us because they want to increase their traffic, improve sales and ultimately make more money. There are too many agencies that go through the motions with a low-effort, cookie-cutter campaign that does nothing but waste their client’s time and money. This is why our primary focus is always to produce the best possible return on investment for the businesses we work with. We do this by designing and implementing bespoke strategies that work with your specific business and your clients to yield the best possible results.

Why Choose SEO?

SEO uses search engines like Google to provide a steady stream of traffic to your website, traffic that can in turn be converted into leads and sales. One of the things that makes SEO so effective is its ability to target only relevant people and businesses, this is because all the traffic you receive through SEO will have had to search your specific keyword/phrase and will therefore already be interested in what you’re offering. This gives SEO a competitive edge over PPC as you can appeal to just your target market as opposed to wasting valuable budget paying per click to be seen by everyone.

"The team were very responsive during our website build and after-sales service has been excellent, no problem too big or small. Everything they said they would do they have done so and delivered on time every time and we can now relax knowing that Milton Keynes Web Dev are here to help assist with all website-related tasks. I am looking forward to more support from the Milton Keynes Web Dev as our business continues to grow.."
Connor Nunn
CBD Sanctuary

Our Process

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Market Research & SEO Audit
Our SEO process starts with an in-depth analysis of your market, your competitors and your current website's SEO health. This gives us an opportunity to see any issues that may be having an adverse effect on your site's ranking capabilities. It also allows us to identify target keywords that will help us formulate a strategy that is going to work for your business.
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We then set up tracking using Google Analytics, Search Console and various other software, this allows us to monitor not just the number of people that click on your website but also the number of visitors that are in turn converted by the site. Having the ability to see and study this data allows us to identify issues and make adjustments to increase the performance of the campaign.
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On-page Optimisation And Technical SEO
The foundation of any effective campaign starts with sound technical and on-page SEO fundamentals. This means ensuring that your website is running quickly, responsive on tablet and mobile devices, as well as being free of any errors such as missing pages or broken links. You will also have a team of Web designers to suggest and implement any necessary changes to the site structure. Whether it's landing pages to be ranked or just to improve the overall user experience of the website, these changes can result in a great impact on your rankings.
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Content Creation
Content creation is one of the most important aspects of SEO, we use our keyword and competitor analysis to create dynamic and effective pieces of content that rank. Our writers produce content that targets the correct keywords as we want to ensure that the traffic it attracts is relevant to your niche and can be effectively converted into revenue. In some cases, a rolling content marketing campaign can also be utilised to increase engagement and rank for a larger variety of long-tail keywords.
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Link Building
Link building is a large part of ranking websites online and can have serious adverse effects if not done correctly. We source high quality, relevant links from reputable websites that align with your business and its goals. We also do a backlink analysis within the audit that helps us identify any toxic links you may have that could be currently holding your website back, once identified, these links are removed to help your site's rankings flourish.
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Reports & Results
Finally, we produce reports for our clients that showcase our campaign results and where we can improve. It is very important to us that our clients can see exactly how their project is going, this kind of clarity allows us to identify what is working and where we should focus next. Each report will break down the performance thus far and state what actions we are going to take to see a further improvement in rankings, this way our team and our clients are always on the same page.











Frequently asked questions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is the process of optimising your website, its content and its links to best match Google's criteria for a website that should rank at a high position.

The price of our SEO services depends massively on the competition/keyword difficulty you are trying to rank for and the current state of your SEO, the bigger the goal, the more work is required and the higher the cost will be.

One of the great things about SEO is that unlike ads, it will continue to generate revenue even after you have stopped paying. However, your competitors will likely improve their own SEO so some light maintenance can be required to ensure you keep your rankings. 

Once again, the timeframe of a campaign depends entirely on the difficulty of the keywords you would like to rank for as well as where you currently are. For an average difficulty keyword, it generally takes around three months to go from the second page to the first, however, the lower you are ranking, the longer it will take.

SEO and PPC each have their own advantages and disadvantages, however, we feel SEO provides a better ROI and larger upside long term. For example, PPC can yield results from day one whereas SEO takes time, but with PPC you will always be paying per click as opposed to the steady stream of free traffic SEO brings.