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A website that helps users locate new jobs and expand their network.

Collabed Construction is a construction-focused social networking and job board website. They came to us to remodel their home page and create their job board, as well as integrate bespoke features across the site, in order to enhance their sign-up rate. They gained 2,500 new customers in the first two months after the relaunch.


Lead Time:          

Website goal:       


9 weeks

Create a website that drives sign ups and promotes internal functionality.

A screenshot of Collabed user social feed design
Collabed Constructions jobs search web design
Collabed Constructions directory webpage
The groups page of Collabed Constructions website

Post Launch Results

Collabed Construction’s home page was transformed to push and comfort visitors across the conversion funnel. The online conversion rate improved dramatically as a result of this.


Increase in online sign ups within the first 2 months

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